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Pay it forward machine

A simple way to commit to a specific level of altruism (financial and otherwise) before you make it big. It's honor-driven but also a public record so you can't be a schmuck if you make it big -- it's in writing! Perfect for startup people and college kids! Altruism is proven to increase great outcomes not just for the recipient but also the giver (my company, Limeade has statistical proof of this -- let me know if you want me to send you a private login) -- and what better way to tell your friends and potential dates where your heart is. Maybe simple or maybe a sliding scale -- like if I am making $50k I give 2%, if $100k 5%, if $500k 10%. Or maybe based on total net worth? Ask users whether they pay in time, money, or other ways. Lots of requirements to discuss. Must be in gadget/widget format for massive adoption in phones, social networking sites, etc... Just writing this is the most altruistic (and open-source) thing I've done.


If anyone likes this idea but it doesn't get a shot at 6-hour call me and let's build it! Or, um, you build it :-)





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