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Submitted by (@marinamartin)

A Wheel of Lunch That Works

I've always got a coffee/lunch/dinner date with someone and absolutely no preference as to where we meet. I need a Random Number Generator for food. Perhaps it could pull from the Yelp API. In a perfect world you can narrow your search by proximity to an address, keywords (lunch, Chinese), and open hours. Dine-O-Matic, Wheel of Lunch, and A Place Between Us all exist, but suck, because they appear to draw from the same ...more »


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Submitted by (@michaelbrodesky)

Late night search for food, beer, coffee, with WIFI mashup

Looking to create a mashup on top of google or microsoft maps where you can search for food, beer, coffee and wifi. Simple interface that leads to results showing places with food serving hours. I recently spent an hour driving from bar to bar after 11pm trying to find a bar with food and wifi. Maybe a site like this already exists but I could not find one based on food serving hours. As more and more people work ...more »


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